How do I choose the right one?

Let’s go over a few rules on creating your domain name and three tips about .fr. Then it’s up to you.


The .fr legal framework

Domain names cannot contain words that disrupt the public order or infringe upon the rights/interests of other people. You cannot falsely claim to be an institution or public service organization. Registration may be delayed if the address contains certain words that require review. All of these rules are explained in the AFNIC Naming Charter.

Three tips about .fr

What do other people think?

Have you picked a domain name? Test it out with your friends! Does it mean the same thing to them as it does to you? Do they think it is easy to remember? Is it easy to understand when written? Does it make you or your business look good?

Do you want to use it worldwide?

Make sure it does not mean something different, vulgar, derogatory or makes no sense in the world’s major languages. And you should use a version with no accents for English speakers.

Beware of the competition!

Did your domain name pass the first two tests? Make sure someone has not already registered it under the other main extensions like .com. Because if your domain already has a different extension, you could wind up advertising for one of your competitors! Also watch out for similar names that can cause confusion. Looking for a risk-free solution? Also register domain names that sound like yours.

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